Taken from Houzz magazine, here are some of our favorite last-minute holiday decorating ideas that can be completed quickly!

1. Fill A Vase With Winter Berry Branches

Branches with berries that are kept in water will last much longer than fresh cut flowers. Arrange them in large clusters of branches in a glass or ceramic vases placed on side tables. You could even put smaller clusters of branches in bud vases to decorate bathrooms or bedside tables.

2. Swap In Some Festive Throw Pillows

Swapping out those year-round throw pillows for some festive ones can really brighten the holiday spirit in a room. If your year-round ones are neutral, you can layer them and double down on warm throws to help cozy up living rooms and bedrooms.

3. Dangle Extra Ornaments From Everything!

This is best if you’ve downsized your tree or avoided one altogether as it gives you an outlet for all those ornaments you have. You can thread them onto ribbons and hang them from a chandelier in the hallway or a suspended wire basket in your kitchen.

4. Display A Mini Christmas Tree

Talk about downsizing your tree and still getting that fresh smell of pine in your home. Just display a branch in a vase to stand up as your mini Christmas tree. Most stores will sell tiny ornaments or wire fairy lights that you can decorate it with OR just leave it plan and enjoy the fresh smell for weeks.

5. Make Everything Festive With Wire Lights

Your new best friend is called “Fairy Lights” and they are battery powered! You can make nearly anything look more magical with them. Turn a simple Texas star into a twinkling focal point by outlining the shape with lights. You can also wrap them around a wreath, houseplant, table centerpiece or run them down a mantel. PRO TIP: Hide the battery packs for the lights behind an unlit candle or potted plant or tuck it away in a wall colored drawstring pouch.

6. Decorate with Mini Wreaths

Another mini idea comes in the form of mini wreaths and they come together quickly if you have extra evergreen clippings to twist into a circle and hold together with some thin wire. You can hang them from red ribbons in a window or above a mantel. Make sure to vary the height to help fill up the space.

7. Layer Greenery on a Table Runner

For a more casual place setting, skip the tablecloth and lay a table runner topped with greenery down the center of the table. You can use evergreen cuttings with candles or pine cones and herbal greenery like rosemary twigs, seeded eucalyptus, myrtle or sprays of winter berries.

8. String Together a Pine Cone Garland

You’d be amazed at what dabs of liquid gold leaf can do for a simple pine cone garland. Create one yourself and save time by using a thin wire or ribbon rather than drilling in small screws, to attach the pine cones to a length of rope. You can hang them from a mantel, across a window or a long a wall.

9. Weave a Greenery Garland Down The Stairs

Whether you choose real foliage or go for the fake stuff, a garland of greenery can brighten any room! You can go down the banister and then drape onto a bookshelf or piece of furniture. Cut greenery has the nicest small but the plus side of using a fake one is that it can be used year after year.

10. Create a Simple Centerpiece

Most folks already have Mason jars, candles and seasonal fruit which are pretty much all of the ingredients you’ll need for this elegant centerpiece. You can layer evergreen cuttings in between those items and the arrangement can go on a table or mantel.

PRO TIP: Putting a bit of sugar, salt or pebbles at the bottom of the Mason jar will save difficult cleanup if the candle wax spills!