Are you fretting over the condition of your home as you get ready to put it on the market?  Smooth out those concerns by playing it cool and give yourself the following advice:

  1. You can’t read your buyers’ minds! Never assume you know what can drive a potential sale!  Think twice before splurging!
  2. Cheap renovations equal a cheap look. If you throw something together that’s not high-quality, potential buyers will notice.  Also, seldomly does a renovation increase the value of the property enough to offset the costs. In fact, it could be a negative to a buyer that may view it as another project to be redone.
  3. Slippery slope of projects: First it’s the floor. Then the counter tops.  Then the cabinets.  Then the light fixtures. And then the sink.  It can go on and on.  Buyers may negotiate to have things fixed, but it’s better than spending a week before listing your home doing all the projects you meant to do for the last 5 years.  This can also lead to things being done cheaply and quickly.