Imagine yourself snuggling up in an over-sized chair with a soft blanket over your legs as you flip through the latest Pinterest boards from Elle Decor. The last bit of day seeps in through the windows and casts itself over the hardwood floors and across the rug. Then there's the smell of rich oatmeal cookies baking in the oven. Is there a place you would rather be?

This is how we envision modern farmhouse - a style that encompasses sophistication and casual comfort. Rooms you can actually live in and homes that have a rich history and theme. Here are five tips that will allow you to create your own Modern Farmhouse style.

1. Display some history in the room. Whether it's an older item you've put some work into or a brand new item with a weathered vibe, build that foundation for a farmhouse design style with rustic wood pieces that feel a bit time-worn. Vintage items or items that have a family history work best when it comes to decorating with a personal touch. Make sure you have a themed color pallet so that everything ties together.

2. Think open, bright and spacious. One of the best things about the Modern Farmhouse look is the feeling of space. Lots of natural light with plenty of white and cream paint colors to keep it inviting and elegant. Displaying accessories in a minimal way shows off the modern vibe while warm wood tones help keep the space from feeling to sterile. Don't opt for heavy window coverings and instead go for delicate fabrics or blinds that can be pulled to the window top. Remember: Modern Farmhouse design style is meant to have the feeling of being out in the wide open country, so keep it simple.

3. Change out standard knobs for traditional hardware. This is one of the smallest but most effective ways to give furniture an upgrade. You can shop flea markets or consignment shops for good finds. Keep brushed metal hardware in mind in brass, copper or nickel. Also, don't be afraid to mix and match finishes for a more authentic look.

4. Don't be afraid of color! The typical Modern Farmhouse style features soft whites, creams and natural tones. Having a splash of color around can be the perfect way to add some contrast to the scene. Bright pillow patterns or a colorful flower pot can add variety and natural elements. Accent chairs with throws can also provide balance to the creamy colors. If you have large vintage pieces of furniture, those are even better and can add full color to enhance the eclectic feel.

5. Look overhead. If you've purchased a new construction home or have recently remodeled, you may lack the style and character you'd find in an older home. When creating the Modern Farmhouse style, remember that crown moldings, faux exposed beams and ceiling medallions give the room a historic feel and can counter act even the most cookie-cutter spaces. There's also rustic pendant lighting or modern it up with a chandelier to balance out the farmhouse feel.

These are all just suggested beginnings! For more Modern Farmhouse inspiration, check out Amanda Rickman, one of our very own agents, on Instagram @fourleggedfarmhouse