Daylight savings may disrupt our sleep cycle twice a year, but it’s also a great excuse to tackle a few spring home maintenance chores. Homeownership brings lots of joy, but it’s important to return the favor to your favorite abode. We’ve compiled a quick list of important spring home maintenance items that tend to fall through the cracks:


1) Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

2) Deep-clean carpets and rugs.

3) Run a hot cycle with vinegar through your dishwasher and washing machine.

4) Dust behind appliances and clean refrigerator coils.

5) Hire an HVAC technician to check your air conditioning unit(s).

6) Wash your windows.

7) Perform an exterior inspection of your roof. Look for displaced or missing shingles.

8) Check exterior siding for missing paint and touch-up as needed.

An ounce of preventative spring home maintenance goes a long way, especially in extending the longevity of your home’s systems. If you have questions, or if you’d like a complimentary home market analysis (no selling, just helpful information for you and your family), reach out to the Prosper Properties family anytime: (512) 523-5663.