Home Improvements Worth the Investment

If you are thinking of selling your home (or even if you’re not), you may be curious about what projects to complete to help get a higher price. But before you hire contractors or take on the "honey-do" list, check out these upgrade recommendations to get the most bang for your buck:


  1. Outdated Appliances. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on appliances you won’t use for long. But if your appliances are old, worn or broken, you’ll definitely want to update them. Check for sales at your local home improvement and appliance stores to save on cost.
  2. Scratched Wood Floors. Wood floors can be a big selling point, but only if they’re in good shape. The cost for refinishing the floors can be worth the investment if it’s done well and the floors are worth saving.
  3. Cracked Tile. A cracked tile can ruin the look of a floor or shower and may concern potential buyers. Have the tile replaced, if possible, before listing your home.
  4. Basic Systems. A shiny, new kitchen or a beautiful outdoor entertaining space doesn’t matter if the roof leaks or the HVAC needs to be replaced. Don't give buyers a reason for concern on these important systems.
  5. Painting. Updating paint in a home can make everything feel clean and fresh. Forego bold paint choices and opt for neutral colors. Let the buyers decide how they would like to personalize the home.

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