As we enter our busy season, it will be important for us to use every advantage possible to ensure a quick and smooth transaction for our clients. One way for that to happen is to properly stage your listing. We talked with one of our preferred vendors, Stephanie Parker with Studio 12 Austin, about just how important that aspect of the process is.

ROG-Prosper: Stephanie, does home staging pay off, and if so, why?

Stephanie, Studio 12: Yes! It’s proven that homes that are staged sell faster and for more money. When I work with you, the goal is to always provide both of those results for your client.

ROG-P: Are there rooms in the house that are more important than others to stage?

S: When I work with realtors with occupied homes, I always suggest that we stage the entire house. In order to reach our goals, it is best to hit the market with a home that gives the best representation of its potential from the very beginning. Kitchens and master bathrooms sell homes, but I am a proponent of staging the entire home.

ROG-P: What advice do you give in terms of décor on walls, on countertops, etc.?

S: Depersonalize your home as much as possible! You want a potential buyer to feel like they are walking into THEIR new home, not yours. Color and warmth are very important via art or whatever is on the walls and countertops, but photos of your family on vacation are not the best way to make someone feel like they have just stepped foot into their own new home. You must strike a balance between being too cold or empty and having a warm, colorful feeling in the house. We’ll make sure there is something, even if it’s small, on every countertop or something on the wall in the hallway and rooms. Taste-specific looks can be a turnoff, so try to stay neutral in that regard.

ROG-P: What about vacant homes?

S: I will always stage the living room in a vacant home, but it is also very important to stage small rooms. Sometimes it is difficult to visualize where furniture would go in a small room like a bedroom, so I suggest staging it to give a potential buyer a clear picture instead of having them just imagine what the room could look like.

ROG-P: If a client says they have limited funds for updates, what rooms do you suggest get those updates?

S: Invest in the kitchen and master bathroom. Updates in those two rooms will return the most bang for your buck when selling your home!

If you have any questions about home staging, please call Stephanie with Studio 12 Austin at 512-576-1676 and she will be happy to help you!