We often hear people say they want to move to Hays County to escape the high cost of living in Austin. However, in the city of Dripping Springs, the median home price as of May was over $500,000 while Austin boasted of a median of $407,400.

Dripping Springs is experiencing unprecedented growth, and as a direct result the size of Dripping Springs ISD has quickly inflated.  However, the high cost of living is making it difficult for the school district to hire what they deem as “auxiliary” positions like janitorial staff and bus drivers because candidates for those jobs can not afford to live in the area.

The community currently on has one option, Springs Apartments, for those with Section 8 Housing Vouchers.  Another housing project is currently underway, and one more has been approved by the City of Dripping Springs.  According to the developer, funding approval is still being sought for the yet to be developed project.

The new developments would offer both regularly priced apartments as well as units with a reduced price for those that qualify based on their income level.  However, qualification is determined in relation to median income rates in the area meaning the school’s auxiliary staff may still be priced out of town.