Today we are going to focus on one of the many fantastic Elementary Schools within the Hays Consolidated Independent School District: Laura B. Negley Elementary School.

Laura B. Negley Elementary School opened its doors in 2006 in the Plum Creek Master planned community and has been flourishing ever since! The school is named after Laura B. Negley, who was a political activist born in Austin, Texas in 1890 to Albert Burleson. Mr. Burleson was a U.S. Congressman and appointed Postmaster General by President Woodrow Wilson. Laura attended the University of Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1911. She went on to become very active in politics and in women’s suffrage work.

Negley Elementary is a K-5 campus. Other neighborhoods (in addition to Plum Creek) that feed into Negley are Mountain City, Arroyo Ranch and Cypress Forest.

The School’s Mission and Vision is for students, teachers and parents to work together to build a foundation of respectful leaders, lifelong learners and problem solvers. They daily practice the acronym of S.A.I.L. with their students.

Here is what S.A.I.L. represents:
S: Show respect
A: Always be safe.
I: I will make good choices.
L: Live honestly.

According to, the school currently has 751 students enrolled. Here are a few other statistics:

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 16:1 (State average is 15:1).
  • 94% of the teachers have 3 or more years of teaching experience.
  • Academically, the school has achieved a 7/10 rating from Reading scores are at a 52% proficiency (State average is 44%), Math scores are at 47% proficiency (State average is 47%) and Science scores are at 56% proficiency (State average is 41%).
  • Only 3% of students are English learners.
  • In rating student progress, they have achieved a 7/10 from

Student progress is measured by how much students at this school are improving year to year; in comparison to the academic progress of all schools in the State of Texas. Negley Elementary is doing a wonderful job at providing a well-rounded education, teaching students to apply practical life skills and to show kindness and respect for all.