This month we wanted to highlight one of our top producing agents here at Prosper Properties! Amanda Rickman is a born and raised Central Texan with rich family ties and history within our community. She was born in Austin and raised in Kyle and still resides within the Kyle community. We sat down with Amanda to find out a little more about how she has made her business successful and why she is such a fantastic asset to the Prosper Properties team.

Prosper Properties:     So Amanda, how long have you been in the business? 

Amanda Rickman:     In January, I have been in the business 4 years.  It's gone by so fast!

PP:     I'm sure! So a question that many people ask an agent when they are interviewing an agent is what is your average List Price to Sales Price ratio?

AR:     I won't lie, I really am not sure and that's because this isn't how I work my business.  My goal is to help people find homes or to help people sell their homes. I'm not really a numbers person and more so after the overall goal of helping someone get to where they need to be. If I'm working on the buyer side, I'm doing my best to get my client in a home for the best price depending on the market. Likewise, if I'm helping someone sell their home, I'm trying to get them the most they can for their home depending on the market.  

PP:     Sounds like a good way to work with people. Since your goal is helping someone get to where they need to be, what would you say is your best marketing plan or strategy for a clients’ needs? 

AR:     Besides advertising on MLS,, and all of those other platforms... you have probably seen how social media is a huge part of today's society. I take advantage of that and it helps that I'm from this area and am connected in this area to get your property more exposure. I would also have to say branding in general is my one of my biggest marketing strategies. If you interview an agent and they don't know their brand/purpose... that's a problem. Branding isn't all about the logo either, it's about the experience. You may not remember the colors of my logo, but even if it's a terrible market, my goal is for you to at least feel at ease, not stressed, and to have an overall great experience. That's my brand and what I want you to remember. Hold the vision, trust the process. 

PP: "Hold the vision, trust the process". What a good moto to follow in real estate! And you're right to say that agents that don't know their brand or purpose have a problem. What are some other things that separate you from your competition?

AR:     I would have to say the fact that I am a 4th generation area citizen and I have deep family roots here. I know the area well and have seen all its changes. True locals still do exist and I think that sets me apart from a lot of my competition.

PP:     Being local definitely helps! Sine you are local, how will you help your client’s find other professionals they might need during the process? 

AR:     Being from the area and part of the local networking groups and chambers, I have a list of almost every professional you could think of in my back pocket that I trust and would highly recommend.

PP:     What a great resource to have! Most people have to hunt through Yelp or Angie's List to find professionals to help them out. So another question many people ask a prospective agent is do you offer any kind of guarantee's? 

AR:     I don't and honestly, I don't know how people do make guarantee's. Nobody has a crystal ball to know what is going to happen and I think if you are told a guarantee when selling your home, the agent may be under-pricing your home. The only thing I can say about this is that I think honesty and communication weighs heavier than guarantee's... at least in my book!

PP:     That's great! Ok Amanda, what else do people need to know about you?

AR:     Overall, what you need to know about me is that I love what I do and will always try my very best. Honesty, communication, and your overall experience are key for me at the end of the day. One of my greatest strengths is being able to mold my way of working to fit different personality types and I have found that has vastly helped with people's experiences. I never tell people not to interview other agents, in fact, I encourage that. If you happen to roll back around to me as your agent of choice, I will give you my 110%.

PP:     Excellent! Thank you for your time Amanda! We enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more. Tell us how people can contact you?

AR:    Really anyway. They can call/text me at 512-557-2358 or email me at

PP:     Perfect! Thank you again Amanda.

AR:     You're welcome!