For the month of October, we sat down with our very own Hays County Santa and another one of our top producing Realtors, Bruce King! We're excited to have you get to know Bruce better and learn what he has to offer people who buy or sell their home with him.

Prosper Properties: Thanks for joining us Bruce. We know you're gearing up for the holiday season and things are starting to get busy. So first question, how long have you been in the business?

Bruce King: I started studying in 2007, so it looks like 10 years now! Wow, haven't really thought about it in a while. Time flies when you're having fun and love what you do!

PP: That's true! When work doesn't feel like a job you can really enjoy it. Here's a question that many people ask agents when they're interviewing them: 'What's your average List Price to Sales Price ratio?'

BK: I don't have an average. I focus on what you're comfort level is. I hear Realtors say they only work with [a certain type of] sellers and buyers. That's not me! I work with buyers and sellers of all types of properties and prices, (land, homes, mobile homes, lots, etc.), and there is nothing average in that. They are all very important to me!

PP: And really Bruce, that's what makes you a delight to work with. You make your clients feel important and like you have no other clients than them. Folks do what to know though, what is your best marketing plan or strategy for their needs?

BK: The most effective marketing is the obvious, MLS and other syndicated sites that profile properties and I belong to most of them. Social media is a big player these days and I have a ton of followers! If you've seen my ads and signs, then you've probably known me for years. I'm a local and love all my Peeps in this area! Now, my best strategy is I'm SANTA! And Santa loves and cares about you! 

PP: Also true, playing Santa Claus is a very unique aspect of your business. And it really works for you! Which by proxy works for your clients. Not very many Realtors can say they have the reach that you do based on being a Santa. What other things separate you from your competition?

BK: I'm a really fun person to work with! I answer my phone on nights and weekends! You won't hear the message from me that says I will return calls the next day if you call after 5pm. I'm bilingual. I speak fluent Spanish and I'm very connected with the Hispanic community. I started my career in the toughest of times during the crash of 2008 and I didn't give up! 

PP: Interesting! I didn't know you had started in such tough times. It's true, many people gave up or didn't even get started because of that crash. It's impressive that you stuck with it. Now you say you're very connected with your community. Is that how you would help folks find professionals they might need during the home buying or selling process?

BK: Yes, being connected with the community through years of city chambers and networking organizations has given me a wealth of affordable contacts that can help us tackle any issue we may encounter.

PP: Great! But do you offer any guarantees to your clients?

BK: That I will work my magic to help you feel comfortable! And to make this a smooth and educating journey! You will learn a lot! I learn new things with every transaction. The rest is up to the market, and I will walk right with you through the journey.

PP: That's a solid promise Bruce. Is there anything else we need to know about you?

BK: That I am the "Happiest Realtor" that you and I know personally! I practice positivity always, and believe that all our paths are on the right track no matter what! Our choices are the winding road to the destination and we'll kick it into 4 wheel drive when we hit the mud.

PP: The power of positivity is important for sure. Listen Bruce, we really appreciate your time. How can people get ahold of you when they're ready to buy or sell?

BK: They can give me a call or text at 512-667-4082 or shoot me an email 

PP: Excellent, thank you Bruce.

BK: You're most welcome!