An accent wall or color can be great addition to any room! While you can add color by simply painting the entire room, adding an accent wall can provide the room with a pop of color. This more subtle addition of color gives you the opportunity to go bold and be creative! 

An accent wall is meant to accentuate that wall and draw attention to it. So, make sure to choose the right one. Just remember, you should always try to keep the architectural features of the room in mind. For example, add an accent color behind the fireplace to highlight it as the focal point of the room! 

Take these seven locations as a starting point and add that one or multiple that you absolutely love! 

Have fun!

1. Interior Doors

2. Ceilings

3. Furniture

4. Bookshelves

5. Wall behind the bed

6. Behind a fireplace or other architectural feature

7. Behind the sofa (if the sofa is against a wall) in the living room

Do you have the location picked out? Now, stay tuned for that material or design to make the wall uniquely you!

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