What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that is equipped with network-connected products - usually controlled with a smartphone - that can control lights, temperature, security, entertainment, etc.

Smart homes provide a great opportunity for innovation and advancement in technology. While this may be true, the benefits of smart homes have not necessarily outweighed the hefty cost of installing the technology to make a smart home possible. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of smart home technology.

Background on Smart Home Technology

According to CNBC, it is estimated that only 1 in 4 Americans have adopted the smart home technology. On the other hand, even though only 25 percent of the American population has embraced this new, innovative technology, it has been found that nearly half of all Millennials have adopted the technology. Interesting! What makes a smart home appealing to Millennials and not the older generations? Well, Millennials grew up with technology and understand it to a greater extent. Also, Millennials have the tendency to have more innovators and early adopters in their generation. This means they are more willing to try new things to make their life more convenient and comfortable, and in addition, are willing to take greater risks. Looking to get started on a smart home? Take a look at these awesome features:

How much does it cost to add smart home technology to your home?

Savings is where all of this gets tricky because you don’t want to buy something if it won’t save you money in the long run....So, with a cost of installation around $1200, how much money will you be saving per year?

If this number is accurate, it would take you more than 12 years to get your money back. Now, that’s a long time...so, you ask, what makes this the right move for me? Well, it’s hard to put a number on convenience and comfort. This technology is designed to make your life easier (more convenient), more comfortable, and maybe even safer. If you have questions about smart home technology, or if we can ever assist you, please know that we're always here for you.