FEMA has released preliminary maps for the floodplains in Hays County. Comments from the general public were accepted on May 5th and we are now in a 90-day appeal process where FEMA will accept scientifically produced appeals that technically show inaccuracies in the map. Once the appeal period is over, FEMA will begin preparing the final maps, which will take about 7-10 months.

How does this affect you, the homeowner? While deciding to appeal or not is up to you, we advise you to review the effective map (the map showing current floodplains) and the preliminary maps so you can see if your home is now considered inside a floodplain area. If it is, we strongly advise you to purchase flood insurance, if you have not already, before the rates skyrocket! See the links below for access to the maps.

http://maps.riskmap6.com/TX/Hays/ (interactive map)

https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/prelimdownload/searchResult.action (PDF copies of preliminary maps)

Video below is footage from Kyle flooding in 2015