Jason Jordan, REALTOR®


My background is professional golf, however my paychecks come from my Real Estate. So whether you want to talk shop about golf, Real Estate or Real Estate on the golf course, be sure to reach out to me. A graduate of Baylor University and member of the golf team I was forced to meet the high demands of collegiate athletics and academics.

Before you decide how many bedrooms you want, or how best to sell your own house, you might want to consider who will represent you during this critical transaction. On the other hand, before you put your home on the market, be sure to ask the right questions and get the right answers. The agent and company you choose is probably the most important decision you will make.

I have been a license holder since 2008 and have experience in the buying, selling and leasing transactions. I have chosen to work with Prosper Properties in Buda because of its reputation and high standards. Having a team of brokers and agents of high credibility helps me do a better job for my clients.