Mark Crowder, REALTOR®


As a kid in upstate New York, I watched my uncles invest in rental property to produce extra income. It seemed to work for them and they made it seem so easy. I questioned why everybody wasn't doing it. I think it was at that point the flame was lit. I had to figure out what this fascinating business was all about. 

After moving from NY, I first became licensed in California in 1989 working for a Century 21 Office in the Diamond Bar area. It didn't take long to realize I had found my passion. I became a multi-million dollar producer for several years. Due to a downturn in the California market, I decided to leave the smog and traffic behind. I relocated to Austin in 1992. I established Property Management of Austin, a management, leasing and residential sales firm. Although, fast paced, with new adventures every day, my attention was on management. I missed working with customers in helping them find their dreams in home ownership. After selling the company, I was in search of the small town atmosphere, with lots of bluebonnets minus the traffic. I moved to Buda, a great place just far enough from the big city lights but close enough to visit if you wish. Being situated between Austin and San Antonio, countless adventures await! 

If your dream is for acreage properties where the deer roam freely, or a peaceful townhome community, then Buda has it.  Let's discover what's waiting for you.