Rochon Anderson


Rochon Anderson was born in Fairbanks, Alaska but moved to the Austin area with her family over twenty years ago, and has made it her permanent home.  Having earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice for Texas State and working in the Travis County Court System for more than a decade, Rochon has developed a strong sense of customer service while serving the residents of Travis County. She has earned the trust of the Court Justices, personnel, and clients through her accountability, attention to detail, and ability to problem solve under pressure.

In 2012, Rochon and her husband, Chris, moved from Austin to raise their three children and invest in the growing community of Buda, Texas. Her decision to transition into a real estate career was prompted by a desire to connect with her community and to enjoy more flexibility for spending time with family and friends. In her spare time, she enjoys good food, laughing with loved ones, and practices yoga.

Rochon values communication and a strong sense of trust, basing her approach on ensuring an open and honest relationship with her clients, honoring the personal investment in any real estate transaction. She will give every client the support and attention they deserve, understanding her greatest focus is the protection of their interests.