Sixto Aspeitia IV


Just spend a day with Sixto Aspeitia and you will see that it’s more than just a saying to Sixto… it’s a way of life. This upbeat Texan approaches everything in life with an unparalleled commitment and focus. “I recognize that everything I do -or don’t do- counts,” Sixto states, “Nothing is trivial. Everything matters… And this is especially true when it comes to dealing with your single largest asset – your home.”

Being a committed family and community member is of deep importance to Sixto. Spending time building relationships and sharing his life with others is a true source of inspiration and happiness. Whether golfing, or snowboarding with friends, working in a homeless shelter, mentoring a peer, or keeping in touch with his family, he cherishes time spent with others. In fact, Sixto Aspeitia is passionate about putting a smile on people’s faces and helping them succeed in reaching their goals.

When asked what life lessons he hopes to pass to those he mentors, Sixto doesn’t hesitate and immediately knows the answer to that question. It’s obvious he’s given it some thought. “First,” he reflects, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well. And second,” Sixto confidently adds, “Don’t just think about it – act.” Sixto Aspeitia is a man of action. He gets things done. That’s the secret of his highly productive life. And he has no intention of slowing his pace.

Sixto has always been the type of person who is driven to perform at a higher level and is never content with mediocrity. As the youngest child of enterprising parents of modest means, he started his first business at the age of 9, moving neighbor’s trash cans to and from the curb. Seeing his hard work and perseverance pay off was his first valuable lesson in business. A few years later, Sixto spent after-school hours and weekends volunteering at a San Diego Rescue Mission where he learned to appreciate the differences in people and situations they find themselves in. Citing the importance of family, Sixto made a decision that would be a turning point for him. He cut his college life short to help his family build a restaurant in Montana. “My family needed me- of course I responded,” Sixto explains, “I fell in love with the customer service business,”Sixto smiles and continues,“I was just doing what comes naturally. I found that anticipating the needs of others -and making sure that their every need is met- is indeed my passion!”

By the time he turned 20, already seasoned in the work force, Sixto knew he wanted to continue being of service to others & found a hand-to-glove fit in real estate. With Texas as his home, he wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. He believes there’s a quality of life here in the Lone star state that’s singularly unique. A top priority for Texans is the American Dream of home ownership. And that happens to be Sixto’s other passion: his career as a real estate professional. “It’s a joy to help people reach their goals while living & working in a place that I love.” Sixto is passionate about helping people buy or sell homes here in Texas.